Important facts about Motorcycle Tires

Important facts about Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle tires, the most important component of a motorcycle, need the utmost attention of any rider. However, other motorcycle gear like riding vests, shoei helmets, pants, etc. are important for sure, but tires hold the first place for many reasons.

The most important fact about the motorcycle tires is that they are only part that come in contact with ground and affect the overall functioning and ride of the bike. Hence, the condition of the tires needs to be good. Above that, there is a need to have a good knowledge about the tires and other motorcycle equipments before you go for a new motorcycle or new tires. A motorcycle has two tires only, but they both are different perform different functions. The front one is used to exercise brake and give directions while riding a motorcycle, whereas the rear one regulates the weight of the bike and manages the acceleration. So, it is very important to choose both the tires with equal consideration to have a safe and smooth ride. While, the wrong set of tires can be responsible of a major accident or damage other components of your bike.

One can check out the tires at the shop that sell all sorts of motorcycle gear, be it shoei helmets, riding vests, etc., all are available under one roof for the ease of the customers. However, buying each component requires good understanding and thorough knowledge about it and tires are the most essential ones. One must consider all important aspects while buying the motorcycle tires.

The first and foremost thing that needs to consider is the type of motorcycle you have. Also, how you ride your bike is a matter of consideration. The tread of the motorcycle, the size of the tires, tire bias and also the material used in the bike, all these things matter while selecting the tires for your motorcycle, as different motorcycles have different kinds of tires. Hence, the selected tires should match the motorcycle in all aspects. However, nearly all motorcycle gear shops take care of these things and provide the best suitable tires for the bike that is in question.

Special requirements of any bike should be dealt with more consideration like riding a bike more in hilly areas or wet areas. Make sure the tires are good enough to overcome the riding obstacles of the wet roads or hilly area. Good tires are absolutely essential for the safe riding on dangerous roads. Also, one should not drive bike on such areas without other motorcycle gear like shoei helmets, as it prevents serious injuries to self in case of accidents.

The next aspect that holds importance in selection of motorcycle tires is its rubber compound. Available in the range of soft to hard compounds, the rubber compound is the most significant part of the tires. Each compound has its uses as well as compounds. Hard compounds definitely last long, but soft compounds ensure good grip on the road. The selection of rubber compounds vary with a type of motorcycle and indeed its usage.

The other aspect of motorcycle tires that needs to be considered is its care. Like any component or motorcycle gear, even the shoei helmets, tires also need care and maintenance. Make sure that there is proper pressure in both the tires and keep checking them at the regular intervals, as it ensures longevity of the tires. However, the rate of air pressure can vary as per the state of the roads and weather of the place where you are going to ride the bike. Always buy fresh motorcycle tires and get them changed whenever they wear.

Motorcycles In The Military

Motorcycles In The Military

The other day, I took the chance to watch again that fantastic movie ‘The Great Escape’. As I watched Bud Ekins take the place of Steve McQueen, to jump the wire fence on his Triumph, I began to wonder about the role of the motorcycle during wartime, so I did a little reading and was surprised to find that motorcycles have played a huge part in military history. Being able to go where other vehicles couldn’t, they became the modern day horses, with one great advantage; some bikes, such as the Enfield ‘Flying Flea’ or ‘Airborne’ as it was also known, could be parachuted from an aeroplane along with troops.

Royal Enfield also supplied motorbikes to the British Armed Forces in World War 1, with machine gun-carrying combinations and stretcher-bearing motorcycles being made on demand. The company even won a contract to supply motorbikes to the Russians, and when most able bodied men were at war in Europe, a police force made up of women was issued with 600cc motorcycles.

The Germans weren’t slow in seeing the practicality of using two wheeled transport. BMW motorcycles were to prove invaluable in North Africa during World War 2. Not having a chain that could clog with sand, they were so successful that Harley-Davidson were requested by the US military to copy the machine, which they duly did and produced the Harley-Davidson XA. With the German war machine insatiable for motorcycles, BMW flourished during the war years.

The American Army have been using motorcycles since 1913, with a third of all Harley-Davidson machines being produced for the military in 1917. In the Second World War the company produced 30,000 bikes for the Russians and also built machines for the Canadians. A total of 90,000 motorcycles were produced during the conflict. The Indian Motorcycle Company also produced machines such as the ‘Scout’ and ‘Chief’ during the war years, but weren’t able to replace Harley Davidson as the motorcycle of choice.

In Britain, the First World War provided work for the Triumph factory as production was concentrated on the war effort. More than 30,000 motorcycles, including the ‘Model H Roadster’ were turned over to the military. In World War 2, the Triumph factory was laid to waste by German bombs, along with most of Coventry, so production moved to a site near Meriden, also in the West Midlands area of England. Apart from building some 50,000 motorbikes during the war, Triumph also produced aircraft components.

In 1950, the North Koreans, backed by China, were able to deploy a ‘Motorcycle Reconnaissance’ unit equipped with home produced bikes. Vietnam also saw the use of the military motorcycle, with ‘Special Forces’ employing motorbikes during that ill-fated conflict. In 1988, Vietnam Veterans took to the streets of Washington D.C. to create a two-wheeled convoy known as ‘Rolling Thunder’, in order to raise awareness of the suffering of the soldiers who did not return from the war. This has developed into an annual pilgrimage to the ‘Vietnam Veterans Memorial’.

‘Operation Desert Storm’ in 1991 again saw the deployment of motorcycles, and more recently, the manoeuvrability of two-wheeled transport proved invaluable in Afghanistan and Iraq. When the road ends, the motorcycle keeps on going. When the road doesn’t end, the speed of a motorcycle is unchallenged. Accessibility and versatility have been key words associated with the role of military motorcycles since the outset.

Now back to Steve McQueen, who was frowned upon by his bosses at the studio for spilling the beans about his stunt double, during ‘The Johnny Carson Show’. When Johnny congratulated Steve on the motorcycle jump, Steve didn’t hesitate in putting the record straight. It wasn’t that Steve McQueen couldn’t ride a bike, quite the contrary. In the scenes before the jump, he rode his own bike as Virgil Hilts, but the German riders couldn’t keep pace with him, so wearing a German uniform, he took the role of a pursuing German, and through the magic of film editing, chased himself. So the next time you get the chance to see ‘The Great Escape’, look out for Steve McQueen chasing Steve McQueen. The motorcycle chase was actually McQueen’s idea. The original script had Virgil Hilts attempting to escape by train, but when McQueen said to his director ‘Hey John, I’ve got an idea that will put more juice into this’, a small piece of movie and motorcycle history was born.

What’s the best way to make a bicycle accident claim?

What’s the best way to make a bicycle accident claim?

It is regularly the case that cyclists who are injured due to a bicycle accident are uncertain where to go for help. In this article we will explain the best approach you ought to adopt to result in a successful bicycle accident compensation claim.
The number of individuals cycling is currently increasing dramatically The austere times many are currently facing has prompted many workers to take to their bikes Some statistics to help paint the picture:
90% of cycling accidents happen in built up areas
75% of cycle accidents take place on, or close to, a road junction
Most cycling accidents, in fact 80%, take place during the day
Men account for 80% of all cycling incidents
25% of cycle accident fatalities are kids
About three quarters of cyclists killed have major head injuries
The above figures help to highlight just how devastating bicycle accidents can be. In many of the instances the injured victim would have reason to make a bicycle accident compensation claim; however, it is surprising how many people do not claim the compensation they’re legally entitled to.
It is important that individuals involved in bicycle accidents are not only aware that a bicycle accident claim is a possibility, but how they should tackle the claim to increase their chance of success.
In the circumstance of a smaller coming together where property is damaged but serious injury does not occur, it is possible to settle with the driver directly. This is only the case for minor damage to the bike and other possessions. However, bike riders should be careful as any payments handed over at this early stage will spell the end of any subsequent case and preclude a bicycle accident compensation for injuries incurred, at another time.
Those cyclists who are injured as a result of an accident should contact specialist RTA claims solicitors to talk through their case. Medical documents such as reports from doctors will be required to assist the bicycle accident compensation claim.
As far compensation are concerned, the better proof you have, the simpler a compensation claim will be. Any proof, whether its purchase or repair invoices or receipts for other expenditures like travel and medical assistance, all are of great worth and will improve the speed of bicycle accident claims. Documentation of a loss of earnings in the form of a payslip or tax return will also aid the recovery of bicycle accident compensation.
When the accident occurs as much evidence should be collected from the scene as possible. Statements and addresses and numbers from anyone who witnessed the accidents and if possible photographs of the scene of the accident should be taken. The important details such as contact information of the person responsible for the accident should of course be taken. If some are not prepared to reveal such details then the number plate of the car should suffice.

The Benefits Of Motorcycle Windshields

The Benefits Of Motorcycle Windshields

When you’re out on the road do you have to deal with flying objects hitting you in the chest, bugs hitting your face, or do you have trouble steering because of high wind force? If you do, then you might want to think about purchasing a motorcycle windshield for your bike.

One of the biggest benefits of motorcycle windshields is blocking gusty winds that can often times make a trip more uncomfortable than it should be. Winds can be distracting to riders which can take away from the attention that they should have on their driving skills.

Another huge benefit of motorcycle windshields is the fact that they can block flying dirt and debris and prevent flying items from hitting the rider. It’s very common to see pebbles or rocks bouncing around on the road because of gravelly road shoulders, and when rocks get rolling down the road there is the chance that they can bounce up and hit motorcycle riders. Windshields help deflect them so they do not hit riders while driving.

Also, motorcycle windshields can block bone chilling winds that are often experienced in the cooler riding seasons. If you want to experience the most comfortable ride when it comes to temperature, then you can install one that is tall enough so it can block all of the wind that would normally hit you and penetrate your clothing.

When a motorcycle does not have a windshield installed, then the rider will feel the force of the blowing winds directly on him when he is riding down the road. The winds will attempt to push him back on the motorcycle, so the rider will have to use extra strength and energy to hold onto the handlebars and not be blown off. Motorcycle windshields can block the wind and keep the pressure off of the rider, which will make it easier to handle the bike.

Eight Simple Tips for Repairing Your Leather Motorcycle Saddle Bag

Eight Simple Tips for Repairing Your Leather Motorcycle Saddle Bag

Leather-based motorcycle saddlebags should be robust since they are exposed to all the dust, heat and pollution of the open street. Nevertheless, even the hardest of leather saddlebags needs to be repaired from time to time if you’d like it to keep durable and the area to look great. Repairing leather saddlebags is relatively easy if you simply follow these following steps:

Get your materials prepared

Firstly you should make sure you’ve got all the materials essential for fixing your leather-based motorcycle saddlebag. These items include leather strengthener, a cleanser produced especially for leather goods, a sponge, clean washcloths, chrome polish and two cotton towels.

Be sure that the saddlebag is entirely empty

Empty the saddlebag completely. Go through the pockets of the bag and ensure that nothing is left inside.

Clean away any free dirt

Use one of the clean and dry washcloths to wash away any free dirt, dust or any other remains on the saddlebag.

Clean the saddlebag by using a wet cloth

Acquire one of the clean washcloths and dampen it a little bit. Ensure you don’t dip the washcloth because you don’t wish it to be very moist. Wipe the saddlebag to eliminate dust and also dirt. Do remember to clean properly in sides and around the hardware on the saddlebag since this is where dirt can quickly build up.

Utilize the leather cleanser

Fill some leather-based solution on the washcloth and wipe the saddlebag by using it. Start at the upper area of the bag and work your way to the bottom part. Wipe the clean cloth on the leather in spherical movements as you could if you were waxing an automobile. You need to operate in parts so you get every area of the bag covered. Add more leather solution to the washcloth from time to time. Once you’re certain that the saddlebag has been completely wiped with the solution, let it dry for some minutes.

Utilize the leather conditioner

Dampen the cloth or sponge and pour a few of the leather strengthener on it. Similar to the leather solution, rub in the leather strengthener in a spherical motion. You must also work your way in portions so you are able to cover all areas of the saddlebag. If you are using a leather conditioner spray, spray a small quantity one part at a time. The leather strengthener moisturizes the leather and makes it supple.

Properly use chrome polish

Dampen the cotton towel with water and shake it out to remove extra water. Pinch a portion of the bath towel using your thumb as well as forefinger and soak that part into the chrome gloss. Apply the chrome polish by rubbing it into silver, metal, studs and other hardware found on the saddlebag. Make sure to keep the chrome polish away from the leather. If some enters the leather, wipe it away immediately by using a clean washcloth.

Glow the steel hardware by buffing it

Ripped the metallic using a clean cotton towel. Buffing cleans away the polish from the metallic hardware and helps make the metal shine. Do this kind of procedure by focusing on 5 metal elements or studs at the same time.

You have now successfully restored your leather motorcycle saddlebag.

Motorcycle Fairings

Motorcycle Fairings

It might be wiser to shell out a little a lot more on these, just to be certain that you get these with genuinely superior quality. Also, be positive that you get gears that you will be comfy sporting. Try to remember: comfort and ease can consider you a extended way in your offroad adventures.

For Your Motorcycle: Animal Alert Techniques
Amid the prevalent offroad accidents that motorcycle and vehicle drivers frequently encounter are animal-associated. Deer and other wildlife animals frequent the offroads, and collisions with them are at times unavoidable. Animal alert programs are constructed to emit sounds past what human beings can often listen to. But, these sounds are heard by animals, and the sounds alert them to the method of your motorcycle, even ahead of the animals essentially listen to the sound of your arrival or even just before they see you. These systems are neat and innovative motorbike accessories that can assist you stay secure in all your travels..

For You: Guards
Aside from the basic protective gears talked about previously mentioned, you can go for supplemental protective guards specifically intended for your offroad rides. You can have a neck guard to lower probabilities of spinal damage in an accident, as properly as knee guards, elbow guards, and even chest guards for supplemental protection.

If you’re prepared for the offroads, grab and get the right motorcycle accessories for you and your experience. With these add-ons and gears, you can have enjoyable and have peace of head at the exact same time figuring out that you have a larger degree of driving security.

When rebuilding a wrecked sport bike there are a number of factors you need to have to know. Initial of all you need to test for frame injury. There are a handful of points you can do to conveniently establish a bent or damaged frame. When you have inspected your frame, then discover and eliminate all broken, bent, misaligned elements. The last and final factor you need to have to do is purchase your replacement elements, we have a couple of suggestions to assist help save you a couple of bucks.

Initially test your frame for bends and cracks. This is typically a great time to take away the entire body components, that way you can get a very good seem at every little thing. Also in most circumstances, the body parts will have some harm, and need to have to be replaced anyhow. So now that you can get a very good glance at your frame. 1st, inspect for cracks, search all around welds and places had been components bolt on (for instance all around the steering stem, sub frame mounts, and swingarm mounts. If you don’t obtain any cracks keep on to glance for bends. Do this by taking measurements and comparing the front and rear wheel alignment. In the long run the most necessary thing is that the front and rear wheels are aligned with each and every other. If they are not aligned verify the forks and swingarm. Usually the front forks will get bent an individual way or the other, so if things are not lining up make positive your forks are straight.

If you do have a crack or bend in your frame you have a several ways to cope with it.

How to Borrow the Funds For Motorcycle Loans Right Away

How to Borrow the Funds For Motorcycle Loans Right Away

There is no such thing as being too cautious when you begin researching lenders for your motorcycle loan. Keep in mind that lenders often hide fees and high interest in the very fine print of the loan, costing thousands more than necessary. It’s always best to get the opinions of people you trust that have experience in borrowing, but if that isn’t an option for you use the advice provided in this article to aid you in your decision.

Don’t borrow directly from the dealer!
Realize that salesmen just want to make their commissions and aren’t concerned with getting you the best deal they can. In fact they will come up with this dream loan offering you the motorcycle you’ve always wanted. They’ll tell you about all the magnificent benefits you’ll have by borrowing with the same company you buy the bike from when in fact, you will not be offered the very best deal and you’ll discover that if you need to file a claim or have any issues it isn’t the same company at all.

Understand, the APR offered through financing from a dealership will prove to be noticeably higher than the interest rates of online or specialized lenders. There are traditional and specialized finance companies that have offers that apply only to motorcycle loans. Also, beware of the dealership fees. You can be sure that the loan contract will have, hide, fees such as closing costs, administrative fees, gap insurance and list goes on.

The low interest is only for a limited term.
Don’t be fooled by the offers that house low interests rates that are only good for three or six months of the entire loan term. The interest rate often spikes after the promotional rate ends and what if you can’t afford the payments once that happens? You would be wise to get a loan that offers a fixed interest rate for the entire duration of the loans term.

Not to mention, these promotional loans can require your repayments to be made through a credit card. The installments then generate on your card along with the interest and other fees and costs. This can mean that your card company will stop you from using your card to make purchases and hinder your buying abilities.

Plan ahead
Firstly, you have to make a financial plan. How much can you afford to borrow for your motorcycle? Look for that loan. Gets quotes and don’t shop for the bike until you are approved for a certain amount. Don’t waste your time looking at a motorcycle you ultimately won’t be able to buy. You will wind up frustrated and disappointed and could very well lose money along with time.

Don’t forget, there are online financial institutions that will lend you a motorcycle loan that is agreeable to your finances. You can easily find quotes so that you can shop around comparing loan offers and interest rates before deciding on any particular loan. Keep in mind that you should only shop for the bike once you have been approved and have accepted a loan. Try and get the best offer possible on the bike just as you’ve done with your loan.

Motorcycle Marketing Research To Create and Launch a Successful Product

Motorcycle Marketing Research To Create and Launch a Successful Product

The motorcycle industry has demonstrated healthy growth figures if the sales of motor companies are anything to go by. While the industry might look strong on the face of it, at the end of the day, what one needs are solid facts and figures to lead the way for companies. This is where motorcycle marketing research plays an important role when it comes to launching a new product, modifying an existing product or even for positioning a particular brand of motorcycles.
In the recent past, with the upward growth in gasoline prices, more and more people are opting for motorcycles that offer high mileage. Hence, the motorcycle market has also witnessed some shifts in the recent years with regard to products and offerings. Motorcycle marketing research helps to track these changes.
In addition to these factors, marketing research also comes in handy when it comes to doing automobile event research. For instance, at the end of an auto show that has featured a large number of motorcycles, the organizers would want to know details such as the number of visitors, what are their demands, which type of vehicles emerged as popular favorites and other statistics. In-depth research that makes use of latest technology and gadgets gives you all of that and more.
In most cases, motorcycle marketing research also serves as the guiding light of leading industry players. While most companies have their own compact research and development teams, in-depth marketing research is a whole new game. To top it all, markets change every single day, making it imperative to rely on a partner who can track these changing dynamics. Not all companies would have the capacities to carry our automotive market research and this is where independent research firms come into the picture.
Motorcycle Marketing Research is an indispensable part of research related to vehicles. Every company needs statistics like a traveler needs milestones and directions while reaching their destination. Right from the time that the idea of a vehicle is conceived to the time it reaches its planning and design stage to the actual manufacturing and selling, research plays an important role in all of these steps. In addition to market research, sometimes, one might need to do some introspection on the product itself. A good research firm can also handle such requirements. It is advisable to appoint a research firm that has enough experience and all the latest resources to carry out research and collate the information in a user-friendly manner.
Sometimes organizers put in all their efforts to put up a motor show, but forget to appoint a good research company to measure the highlights and drawbacks event. By partnering with company that undertakes automobile event research, one can do much better next time.
If you do not partner with the right automotive marketing research company you might stand to lose a lot from issues like wrong product design, wrong target audience, wrong launch period and several other things. Hence, it is advisable to opt for a partner who can boast of several years of experience in the research industry.

Best Motocross Boots – Mx And Dirt Motorcycle Boots For Racing And Dirt Biking – What To Look For

Best Motocross Boots – Mx And Dirt Motorcycle Boots For Racing And Dirt Biking – What To Look For

Motocross boots do more than just look cool when you are blasting around the trails or hitting up the jumps on the track. Motocross footwear needs to have more protection, soles that grip foot pegs, absorb shock, and prevent your legs from hyperextension, much more than casual dirt biking boots. Motocross boots are more susceptible to rocks, debris, and as falls are regularity in racing, they need to be tough enough to withstand heat and a couple of hundred pounds of machine possibly landing on them. With innovative designs and seriously impressive technology, the best motorcycle boots for Motocross Racing and Dirt Bike Riding need to perform effectively, becoming an extension of your feet and legs, while offering the best protection from injury.

Dirt Motorcycle boots still need to offer protection but for the average user they need to have good thermal protection and be more comfortable. Exhaust burns and shin protection from the serrated metal foot pegs are of most importance. By looking for the top name brands that have been in the moto business for many years, you will know you are buying into their reputation of producing top quality incredible MX boots.

Boots for Dirt Motorcycle Riding and MX Boots Features

Both types of footwear require some form of protection. From the extreme strong toe to heel stamped steel shank to specially formed heel areas which are designed not to let the rear of the foot be twisted which can cause serious injury, for example from a heavy landing or if the bike runs over you. There needs to be sufficient thermal protection to prevent exhaust or engine casing burns which can strip skin with only the briefest of touches.

So much research and design go into producing motorcycle footwear that finding the best one to suit your needs is simple. If you are generally a dirt bike rider who hits the trails and prefers comfort, there are many boots available. Look for comfort, design, protection, and maneuverability. If you are into motocross racing you need to look for all of the above; comfortable full length boots that are lightweight yet super study, offer the best protection and ventilation, have strong buckles, ability to grip foot pegs, steel inserts and sections that can be replaced due to heavy use and wear.

What Protection Do Motocross Boots Give You?

Motocross boots not only give you the freedom to move your feet and lower legs, but they also offer supreme protection from roost that is kicked up when riding. Your toes and shinbone, the tibia, are very easily broken, especially as dirt bikes are becoming faster, the tires dig into the dirt easier which can cause larger stones to be fired back at you. Your heels and inner foot need protection from kick starting backlash or if you should slip off the foot-peg. By saving your feet and ankles, you can enjoy longer riding times and have fewer injuries. Should you have an accident and damage the boots, replacement buckles, straps, and plates are available for most top brand MX boots and moto footwear. Dirt bike boots need to be breathable and comfortable. They also need very good protection but comfort is high on the list of importance.

Who Makes the Top Dirt Motorcycle Boots and Motocross Boots?

Several top quality name brands are available by companies that have been producing all types of motorcycling and two-wheeled racing footwear for many years. Motocross Boots made especially for racing which are usually lightweight, seriously sturdy in design and yet highly protective can be had for less than five hundred. Dirt motorcycle boots for more casual riding are even less. You want to look for benefits and features that work for you especially if you race you might consider boots with superior buckles and protection from steel inserts and replaceable sections for the areas which are worn out quickly. Ones that utilize the latest technology to create an off road boot with an aggressive look, but at the same time being comfortable to wear and technically able to give the highest level of performance. Others made by a company based in Italy offer a Dual Stage Pivot System, front plate shin guard, gaiter, buckle system, grip guard, heel cup, toe box, and plush memory cell foam interior, all premium features suited for motocross racing.

A favorite of many racers and riders for MX boots are full-length dirt boots that have supreme comfort levels which include major protection and ventilation to allow the feet to breathe. They offer an extraordinary external structure and feature low profile design to minimize weight at the lower section of the boot and an upper design developed for controlled flexibility, streamlined profile, and superior grip against your bike. Innovative inner bootie provides the ultimate in support and safety. Therefore, boots with more features are a bit higher priced.

MX boots are an essential part of full protective gear, every bit as important as your helmet for your head or neck and chest protectors. Invest in the best boots you can afford, top quality MX boots offers low cost insurance protection against possible injuries. Shopping for motocross gear and motocross boots has never been this easy once you know what to look for and where to get it.

All About Motorcycle Batteries

All About Motorcycle Batteries

When it comes to buying Motorcycle batteries, or any batteries most people make a terrible mistake by choosing the least expensive option that is available and save the extra cash. However, buying cheaper batteries that are available in the market today will eat up all your savings in the way of maintenance. Moreover, people always have a misconception that all the batteries are the same and they don’t even check the specifications of the batteries.


As the number of motorcycles donning the roads motorcycle batteries come in as many shapes, sizes and power capacities. Each machine’s demands vary so very much from that of the others that the manufacturers of motorcycles opt to have batteries from the battery manufacturers. The charging rates of the motorcycle batteries, the discharge rate, the duration and optimum amperage and voltage of discharge define the electrical properties that differentiate each battery from one another. Making a comparative shopping for motorcycle batteries will enrich you with lots of details about the battery industry for vehicles.

It is a well known fact that motorcycle batteries eventually wear out over time and will slow down. This happens because, as time goes by, the sulphate used in the batteries flow over the plates and thereby reducing the conductivity. When you think that it’s time to replace your motorcycle battery, take care that you never remove the battery, leaving the engine on. Another important thing to be noted when removing a motorcycle battery is to make sure that you always remove the negative cable before removing the positive. This process should be reversed when you are installing a new battery.

Installing a new battery to your bike needs atmost care and caution. If you have purchased a conventional non sealed battery, you may need to activate your motorcycle battery. Activating is nothing but adding acid and charging the battery to the point of optimum functionality. This is done by removing the sealing tube, and filling the battery with electrolyte. After filling the battery with electrolyte, leave the battery idle for about 30 minutes. After that the battery has to be charged to the optimum point. Then optimum charging time for a new battery is 3 to 5 hours at approximately 1/6 of the rated capacity.

Sealed motorcycle batteries require much less maintenance and never require additional electrolyte. . Note that you should connect the positive cable first before connecting the negative. Be cautious while attaching the cables so that you identify the correct positive and negative terminals. Reversing the polarity will explode the battery or inflict a great deal of damage to your bike’s electrical system. If you are not sure about installing a new battery, get the help of the experts. You can seek the help of the motorcycle battery suppliers from where you buy the battery. Firms like septechnologies sell batteries online and also are experts in the field. They will be always ready to help you in installing or charging or removing your motorcycle battery.