Electric Bicycles for Sale: An FAQ and Review of the Urban Mover UM36SX

Electric Bicycles for Sale: An FAQ and Review of the Urban Mover UM36SX

Electric bicycles are the perfect replacement for automobiles. Their price is not as high and they are great for people who are environmentally conscious. A fantastic way of toning lower back muscles in addition to receiving a low-impact cardiovascular workout is through bicycle riding. Coming up are replies to various frequently asked questions concerning standard electric bicycles for sale plus facts regarding the Urban Mover UM36SX.

Electric Bicycles for Sale: How Many Watts of Power Do I Need?

A motor built for electric bicycles for sale is supposed to boost the power built-up by the rider, which is close to 100 watt in excess of a customary cycling trip. Another factor to consider is how much you want to rely on the motor. If you’re counting on the motor to do most of the work, choose one that’s rated at 600 watts or more. If you’re planning on doing most of the work yourself, a motor with a 100 watt rating will be adequate. The Urban Mover UM36SX includes a 250 watt high power S style 37V high torque non-brush motor.

Electric Bicycles for Sale: What Kind of Motor Should I Use?

Available are 3 forms of electric motors offered on electric bicycles, which are DC or direct current, SBLDC or sensor-less brushless direct current, and BLDC or brushless direct current. DC motors have a simple design, but tend to be less efficient. They also weigh more. BLDC motors are lighter, smaller, and more efficient over a good range of speeds. On the other hand, they include intricate wiring. SBLC motors weigh less and are the more diminutive of the three styles and contain basic wiring and more capability. It is quite unusual to see DC motors in electric bicycles, in addition, more than 80% of them are integrated with BLDC motors. The newer SBLDC motors may be more difficult to find, but are worth ferreting out because their electronics are much less complex. The motor used in the Urban Mover contains as much as an 80km range.

Electric Bicycles for Sale: How Large of a Battery is Necessary?

The size of a battery is reliant upon how much current it ultimately provides, and its voltage. Simply multiply these 2 values together to figure the watt/hours, a measure of the battery’s energy. The value still could be swayed by factors like condition of the battery and the temperature. The normal lead-acid battery, the style that is applied in autos, do not operate proficiently in an electric bike, for the simple reason that the power is consumed within a couple of hours. For that reason, it would be best to select a bicycle containing a nickel-cadmium (NiCd) or nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) in its place. Despite the battery you decide on, be positive that it is efficient enough to run your bike for a minimum of 2 times your daily mileage. The UM36SX contains a built-in Panasonic 37V 9Ah lithium battery featuring a 2 year guarantee.

If you are interested in electric bicycles for sale, the Urban Mover UM36SX needs to be the first one on your list.

Important and valuable motorcycle helmet tips

Important and valuable motorcycle helmet tips

When it comes to riding a two-wheeler, wearing a helmet is important. Why, in some countries of the world, it?s illegal to ride a two-wheeler without a helmet.
When you ride a two-wheeler, there is always the risk of falling. It need not be your mistake; another vehicle could ram into you or the road may be slippery or there may be a large stone on the road. Whatever the reason, you could fall and topple. In that case, your head is vulnerable to injury, big or small. As you know, any head injury could easily turn nasty and could rob you of your life, in the worst-case scenario. That is why it is important to wear helmet when riding two wheelers.
However, there is a view maintained by many riders that motorcycle helmets may limit your vision because it blocks your peripheral vision. This may be true to a limited extent. However, it is possible to overcome the negative impacts of motorcycle helmets by buying them with care.
* Before you buy the helmet, check whether the helmet is manufactured by a reputed company. It is absolutely essential to buy helmets that have undergone impact tests. These tests simulate what happens when a person is thrown from a bike. The tests assess whether the helmet is durable and dependable. Wearing a helmet that splinters on impact is worse than not wearing a helmet at all.
* Motorcycle helmets come in various sizes and shapes. In fact, there are even kiddie helmets that may be used by children who ride bikes. Then, there are half motorcycle helmets, the open faced helmets and the full head helmet. The last is the best choice for an adult. It provides complete protection from the top of the head to the chin and the side of the face.
* Before you buy a helmet, it is necessary to try the helmet on. Wear it at least for a few minutes. This helps you assess whether the helmet is biting into your skin or feeling uncomfortable. Also check in the mirror that the helmet is balanced evenly on both sides. Check the chin strap too. It should not be too long. It should be possible to tuck away the chin strap safely so that it does not hit the chin.
* The helmet you buy must have undergone anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments. This makes the helmet safe for use in tough conditions.
* Buy helmets that are more aerodynamic. Helmets with better vents eliminate excess noise. Poor ventilation is the root cause of too much noise.
* Choose motorcycle helmets that mold to the face nicely. A good fit ensures that the helmet sits snugly and closely on the head. Of course, as you start using the helmet, the material will mold itself to your face. Even so, starting with a good fit is a nice idea.

How To Choose A Motorcycle Leather Jacket That’s Right For You

How To Choose A Motorcycle Leather Jacket That’s Right For You

When you are about to go riding you are going to need to make sure that you have the right Motorcycle Leather Jacket. It is not just a piece of clothing it is a statement. It is a way of saying who you are and that yes, I ride.

When you go to purchase a Motorcycle Leather Jacket, you will need to keep a couple of things in the front of your mind. You will need to keep style and comfort in mind. You want to ensure that the jacket you want is one that will fit you properly. The jacket that you end up going with should be something that you will want to wear over and over again and not necessarily only when you go to ride your bike.

The jacket that you choose and go with should have a feel of a second skin and make you want to wear not feel as if it is a burden to have to put it on. The way it fits will decide how you feel. You do not want the jacket to be constricting, yet you want it to be close enough to you so you sure not swimming in it.

When looking at a leather motorcycle jacket consider all of the different styles and designs that are available as well for you to choose. From different colors, to artwork there is a plethora of options out there. Do you want tassels on your jacket, many zippers, multiple pockets or simply have impressions and raised areas to show off your style. Look at all of the different designs and options that are available to you before you settle on one thing that may or may not reflect your ideas and style.

Keep in mind that the Motorcycle Leather Jacket is not only to keep you warm, but also it aids in preventing some injuries in the event you are in an accident. It is the last line of defense between you and the concrete in most cases, so consider that when making a purchase. You may want to look into the possibility of getting a jacket that offers additional padding or protection if you do happen to hit the streets.

In addition to the purchase of a Motorcycle Leather Jacket, one will need to get the proper accessories to match it of course. One will need to get the gloves and the boots to match the coat as well as the helmet and possibly even sunglasses. Remember it is not only about safety when one is looking into riding which is the primary reason for the Motorcycle Leather Jacket, but style.

You will need to get gloves that of course will match the jacket and offer protection as well and there is even the possibility of buying leather pants or chaps depending on how you are riding and what it is you will be doing. Looking good and feeling safe are what is important when it comes to riding and what to wear.

*** Success Is Like Riding A Bicycle

*** Success Is Like Riding A Bicycle

Okay, a show of hands, please!
How many of you learned to ride a bicycle as a child?
Hey, that’s quite a lot of you.
Now, close your eyes and remember what it felt like to ride a bicycle for the first time. Maybe yours had training wheels that helped to balance the bike as you gained confidence riding on the sidewalk in front of your house. As your confidence expanded and also from observing the older children in the neighborhood riding without any assistance, you then graduated to your first test without training wheels.
It was scary!
At the beginning came the wobbling of the tires and excited, hurried pedaling as you struggled to break free of your parent’s or older sibling’s guiding hand for balance. And, perhaps there were one or two falls along the way! However, through your determination, will power, desire and continued practice you soon sped forward on your own.
As you grew in size and age, you moved up to bigger and more complex bicycles and mastered them all. Some of you even learned to ride without holding on to the handlebars or perhaps did “daredevil” tricks jumping over ramps like “Evel Knievel”.
And, I’ll bet now that even if you haven’t ridden a bicycle in years, you could still do it.
Now, let’s take a look at success. For many people, success or being successful is just as scary as the first time they rode a bicycle. Naturally, many people want to be successful. However, there are few that truly have the motivation to put forward the needed effort and action, and make the necessary sacrifices to get what they want.
Here are four of my success strategies. Make them part of your “quest for success”.
1) Just as you did when you learned to ride a bicycle here is only one way to accomplish anything today — set your mind to concentrate on doing it and let nothing interfere with your progress. Obstacles, whether they be training wheels on a bike or lack of resources (money, time, lack of skill, etc.) are quickly overcome by the person that sets out to accomplish their heart’s desire. Those who have the desire, “the fire in the belly” so to speak will out distance and out perform those who do not.
2) No matter what anyone says, “Size does matter.” When you first learned to ride a bike, you were a child. As you grew to adulthood, of course you were faced with greater and more challenging situations. On your road to success, remember this quote from my Success System book, “The Power Of Concentration – How To Take Control Of Your Life”…
“The “bigger” you are, the smaller the obstacle appears. The “smaller” you are the greater the obstacle appears”.
Always look at the advantage you gain by overcoming obstacles, and it will give you the needed “size” and courage for the conquest – now and in the future.
3) Do not expect that you will always have a smooth road, free of potholes, speed bumps and detours. Parts of your journey are likely to be rough. The way you navigate the bad roads shows exactly what you are made of. Keep on with your journey and view with delight the smooth roads that are in front of you.
4) Do not let a setback stop you. Just like when you skinned your knees and elbows learning to ride, think of it as a mere incident that has to be overcome before you can reach your goal. Learn from it and use the lesson to move ahead.
Success IS like riding a bicycle. Learn my strategies of success outlined above, and you will ALWAYS be up to the challenge – regardless of the size.
Copyright 2007 by Keith A. Shaw and Mind Body Spirit Central.com, LLC. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means – electronic, mechanical, photocopying, audio or video recording or otherwise – without the written permission of the author and publisher.

Tips For Safer And More Enjoyable Long Motorcycle Tour

Tips For Safer And More Enjoyable Long Motorcycle Tour

In this day and age touring by motorcycle seems basic. It is because it really is. If your bike is well prepared( that means you have done your pre-ride motorcycle inspection), you drag along a few motorcycle tools ,if you have common sense, wear proper riding gear and always bring your owner’s manual, you should be able to overcome most emergencies and all kinds of weather conditions that you will encounter during your long motorcycle tour.

For some riders, the perfect vacation is riding long days on their bikes. For them the road is simply a way to merge points of interests which are best experienced on a motorcycle. The ride is the destination.

Riders with rigid schedule and who strictly stick to it will not only fore go and by pass chances to stop and smell the roses like, taking leisurely meals and see some exotic sites. It will also expose them to dangerous situations because they force themselves to ride even if they lack sleep and tired.

Experienced riders normally ride 300 to 500 miles a day and usually already have developed systems and routines for long motorcycle trips. They usually ride alone on major roads and interstates and can still do it leisurely. But if you have never taken a long ride before, you should start carving away a few miles on the first day. The first day of your tour will involve some adjustments and delays to your gear and motorcycle. The second day will probably be the best day for beginner motorcycle tourers because you are still fresh and most bugs will probably be worked out. After the third day, fatigue is likely to become a major factor.

Minor things such as a flapping jacket collars, loud pipes, uncomfortable helmet and motorcycle seat, wind noise,scratched face shields or windshields, continuous exposure to sun and wind can dehydrate you faster than you may have realized. These situations can easily wear you down and can be a tremendous source of fatigue.

Here are what you need to fight fatigue:

1. Adequate sleep-If you plan to rack up numerous miles on your long motorcycle tour, you need to strategically plan your sleep and rest. You can have a sleep deficit if you ride long and hard by day and not get enough sleep and waking up for early departures. Plan to have a catch-up on sleep every two or three days and set a flexible riding routine. Do not make the mistake of drinking liquor thinking that it is a sleep aid. Alcohol actually reduce the quality and quantity of your sleep. Give your body a chance to adapt. Take breaks as often as you can.

2.You will need ear plugs and good quality full face helmet to protect against wind noise. A windshield that you can comfortably see over can also reduce wind noise.

3. You will need a vented or mesh jacket and helmet to protect you against sunburn and windburn. Some riders mistakenly wear only a cotton tshirt or even go top naked in dealing with the scorching heat. They don’t know they are more likely to fatigue faster.

4. Modifications on your bike like adding a comfortable saddle, a sissy bar bag with a combination backrest,small windshields with no visual distortions. These things can contribute to a more comfortable and more fun long motorcycle tour.

And of course a few calisthenics( before and after a ride), proper nutrition and constant re-hydration by drinking a lot of water will increase your energy, makes you more alert and consequently enable you to experience an enjoyable journey on a bike. These tips are boring i know, but these are time tested solutions for fighting fatigue.

One of other major concerns of riders who are planning to embark on a long motorcycle trek is gas mileage. How many miles does a tank full of gas cover? You would not want to be stranded in a strange deserted road and as darkness fall ,waiting for someone who would come by and help you.

The main idea here is to find ways to maximize the gas tank’s capacity. Make sure to load up a full tank of fuel before a long leg. Some bikes will take a minute or two before the air escapes around the filler baffle and adding a squirt or two will get much more fuel to the tank. Another way is to straighten up the motorcycle instead of leaning it on the side stand will get significantly more fuel into the tank.

If you have 5.0 gallon tank, it will take about 4.0 gallons of gas consumption when the low-fuel light blinks for the first time. You have about 1.0 gallon of gas left and you can go approximately 40 miles at 45 mph after that. You have to pull over and fill up the tank completely when the low-fuel light comes on.

Speed changes mean more mileage especially if you are riding on little country back roads compared to a long stretch of straight roads.

Leave some time in your itinerary for the unexpected. As the saying goes” you experienced nature first hand on a motorcycle”. It also means motorcycles are susceptible to weather and mechanical delays than cars. Give yourself extra time as buffer, just in case you get held up surprisingly by traffic, weather and motorcycle problems etc. This particular riding tip is for riders who must be back at work on a given day.

These long motorcycle tour especially if this is your first time, might turn out to be rides of exploration and discovery. This might be the occasion where you learn what moves you to travel by motorcycle. You might realized that the scenic roads is the highlight of the trip or meeting new people or nonetheless you will decide that only few activities can ever match the adventure of a long motorcycle tour.