Eight Simple Tips for Repairing Your Leather Motorcycle Saddle Bag

Eight Simple Tips for Repairing Your Leather Motorcycle Saddle Bag

Leather-based motorcycle saddlebags should be robust since they are exposed to all the dust, heat and pollution of the open street. Nevertheless, even the hardest of leather saddlebags needs to be repaired from time to time if you’d like it to keep durable and the area to look great. Repairing leather saddlebags is relatively easy if you simply follow these following steps:

Get your materials prepared

Firstly you should make sure you’ve got all the materials essential for fixing your leather-based motorcycle saddlebag. These items include leather strengthener, a cleanser produced especially for leather goods, a sponge, clean washcloths, chrome polish and two cotton towels.

Be sure that the saddlebag is entirely empty

Empty the saddlebag completely. Go through the pockets of the bag and ensure that nothing is left inside.

Clean away any free dirt

Use one of the clean and dry washcloths to wash away any free dirt, dust or any other remains on the saddlebag.

Clean the saddlebag by using a wet cloth

Acquire one of the clean washcloths and dampen it a little bit. Ensure you don’t dip the washcloth because you don’t wish it to be very moist. Wipe the saddlebag to eliminate dust and also dirt. Do remember to clean properly in sides and around the hardware on the saddlebag since this is where dirt can quickly build up.

Utilize the leather cleanser

Fill some leather-based solution on the washcloth and wipe the saddlebag by using it. Start at the upper area of the bag and work your way to the bottom part. Wipe the clean cloth on the leather in spherical movements as you could if you were waxing an automobile. You need to operate in parts so you get every area of the bag covered. Add more leather solution to the washcloth from time to time. Once you’re certain that the saddlebag has been completely wiped with the solution, let it dry for some minutes.

Utilize the leather conditioner

Dampen the cloth or sponge and pour a few of the leather strengthener on it. Similar to the leather solution, rub in the leather strengthener in a spherical motion. You must also work your way in portions so you are able to cover all areas of the saddlebag. If you are using a leather conditioner spray, spray a small quantity one part at a time. The leather strengthener moisturizes the leather and makes it supple.

Properly use chrome polish

Dampen the cotton towel with water and shake it out to remove extra water. Pinch a portion of the bath towel using your thumb as well as forefinger and soak that part into the chrome gloss. Apply the chrome polish by rubbing it into silver, metal, studs and other hardware found on the saddlebag. Make sure to keep the chrome polish away from the leather. If some enters the leather, wipe it away immediately by using a clean washcloth.

Glow the steel hardware by buffing it

Ripped the metallic using a clean cotton towel. Buffing cleans away the polish from the metallic hardware and helps make the metal shine. Do this kind of procedure by focusing on 5 metal elements or studs at the same time.

You have now successfully restored your leather motorcycle saddlebag.

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