Important facts about Motorcycle Tires

Important facts about Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle tires, the most important component of a motorcycle, need the utmost attention of any rider. However, other motorcycle gear like riding vests, shoei helmets, pants, etc. are important for sure, but tires hold the first place for many reasons.

The most important fact about the motorcycle tires is that they are only part that come in contact with ground and affect the overall functioning and ride of the bike. Hence, the condition of the tires needs to be good. Above that, there is a need to have a good knowledge about the tires and other motorcycle equipments before you go for a new motorcycle or new tires. A motorcycle has two tires only, but they both are different perform different functions. The front one is used to exercise brake and give directions while riding a motorcycle, whereas the rear one regulates the weight of the bike and manages the acceleration. So, it is very important to choose both the tires with equal consideration to have a safe and smooth ride. While, the wrong set of tires can be responsible of a major accident or damage other components of your bike.

One can check out the tires at the shop that sell all sorts of motorcycle gear, be it shoei helmets, riding vests, etc., all are available under one roof for the ease of the customers. However, buying each component requires good understanding and thorough knowledge about it and tires are the most essential ones. One must consider all important aspects while buying the motorcycle tires.

The first and foremost thing that needs to consider is the type of motorcycle you have. Also, how you ride your bike is a matter of consideration. The tread of the motorcycle, the size of the tires, tire bias and also the material used in the bike, all these things matter while selecting the tires for your motorcycle, as different motorcycles have different kinds of tires. Hence, the selected tires should match the motorcycle in all aspects. However, nearly all motorcycle gear shops take care of these things and provide the best suitable tires for the bike that is in question.

Special requirements of any bike should be dealt with more consideration like riding a bike more in hilly areas or wet areas. Make sure the tires are good enough to overcome the riding obstacles of the wet roads or hilly area. Good tires are absolutely essential for the safe riding on dangerous roads. Also, one should not drive bike on such areas without other motorcycle gear like shoei helmets, as it prevents serious injuries to self in case of accidents.

The next aspect that holds importance in selection of motorcycle tires is its rubber compound. Available in the range of soft to hard compounds, the rubber compound is the most significant part of the tires. Each compound has its uses as well as compounds. Hard compounds definitely last long, but soft compounds ensure good grip on the road. The selection of rubber compounds vary with a type of motorcycle and indeed its usage.

The other aspect of motorcycle tires that needs to be considered is its care. Like any component or motorcycle gear, even the shoei helmets, tires also need care and maintenance. Make sure that there is proper pressure in both the tires and keep checking them at the regular intervals, as it ensures longevity of the tires. However, the rate of air pressure can vary as per the state of the roads and weather of the place where you are going to ride the bike. Always buy fresh motorcycle tires and get them changed whenever they wear.

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